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What products are great for my hair during the upcoming Spring & Summer 2022 season?

Our recommended top 5 styling products on your must have list for this Spring & Summer from Glow Head Inc.

1. Deep Moisture Shampoo Floral Blend and Deep Moisture Conditioner in Floral Blend Scent will keep your hair clean and moisturized without weighing it down, without product build up, leaving your hair fresh, bouncy and healthy from the inside out.

2. Style & Shine Foaming Mousse our styling mousse is vegan friendly, perfect on your hair for body, shine, volume and style setting, all while giving your hair a well needed moisture boost during these dry weather seasons.

3. Glow Head Anti-Itch and Growth Oil will be a yummy treat for your scalp and sun soaked tresses to avoid dryness from the humidity, the suns rays and the heat, all way promoting healthy hair growth and scalp maintenance.

4. Dead Sea Mud and Minerals Hair Mask is the perfect at home spa treatment to keep your hair clean of product build up, chlorine, salt and sand, by lifting up impurities and pollen that attach to the hair while enjoying the warm weather season.

5. Dulce De Leche Hair Moisturizer will be the perfect drink and cocktail for your dry and thirsty tresses, locks and braids. Your hair will be moisturized, shiny and weightless, yet nourished and healthy from root to strand tip.

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