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Glow Head Inc. is our luxury haircare line, as well as the brain child and collaboration of over 50 plus years combined salon, cosmetology and salon ownership experience. Myself and one of my very best friends, Spa & Salon owner of Salon Glow, Inc., Rashida Potts, are so excited to deliver this incredibly opulent and beautiful line of products.


We invite you along on your healthy hair journey with products specifically formulated to penetrate your hair follicles, provide intense moisture therapy, aide in hair growth, allow you to recreate your hair style at home, to perfection. Our fabulous line of Glow Head Inc. products will excite your senses and delight your hair with healthy nourishing products!

Hi, Glow Heads!



I am Garlinda Price, CEO of our incredible company. My background and expertise have led to the launch of Glow Head. I am a former Salon Owner of two salons, for 8 years and a Licensed Cosmetologists for 14 years. In addition to owning salons, I have run a successful multimillion dollar spa, responsible for a staff of full-time stylists, spa staff and colorists. 


My background also includes being the CEO and visionary of Glam It! Cosmetics, a full line of color cosmetics and skincare and I personally love everything about the beauty industry and have worked in every facet of it. 


I began my natural haircare journey over 20 plus years ago when I began to notice the front of my hairline was thinning and I was only in my thirties. I tried to ignore it, however, it was impossible and from that point forward, I nixed all products and relaxers. My hair since then is thick, healthy and thriving. I have searched for years to find a line that agreed with my hair texture and my scalp and it has been next to impossible until NOW!!


Just wait until you have to chance to become a “Glow Head” , your hair will fall in love, just like ours has!! Cheers to your healthy hair journey!!





I am Rashida Potts is a Licensed professional Master Stylist from Fayetteville, NC. From a teenager she began styling the hair of herself, family members, and friends. From there she set out to become a licensed cosmetologist in 1997. Over the past 20+ years, she's used her knowledge and experience to transform many customers hair to their satisfaction. 


Presently, she is the proud owner of Salon Glow by Rashida LLC, a Multicultural full service salon and Spa,, Co Owner of Glow Head hair care product Line, and Glow Head Wig installation product line! 


With 25 years in Cosmetic Beauty Industry, Rashida doesn't just style, she cares for hair from the root. Unselfishly, she also educates others how to care for hair. She had 10 years of experience coaching other students in the beauty industry and serves as a CE Educator.


In addition to being a hair care phenomena, her many other talents include being a Wife, Mother, Author of IN HER SHOES workbooks, a Motivational Speaker, and does Manifestation Coaching. 


She is a Hair Show Facilitator and has won many awards for being Best Stylist of Fayetteville NC. She's been awarded Stylist of the month on many Occasions. Rashida's skills has led her to become a Celebrity Stylist and International Stylist as well. With her faith in God, she continues to strive to magnify Him by using the gift of transformation for many heads to come.



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