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What hairstyle trends are we noticing for 2022 here at Glow Head Inc.?

All of our products are vegan friendly and nourishing to your hair and scalp.

Haircolor Trends Fierce Blonde, also Curl Color which just colors the ends of your curls verses your whole strand in an effort to limit the damaging affects of color to the overall strands. midnight brunette which is almost black, yet not as harsh to the skin tome, yet gives that bold look of dark color. Copper and amber styles which add warm rich hues and highlight that summer glow.

Cool highlights and bright overlays of colors woven throughout are on trend, as well as, caramel, pink, auburns, soft browns and dimensional coppers.

Let Glow Head Inc. keep your color treated hair healthy with our color safe Deep Moisture Shampo & Conditioner. Keep your style sleek and protected with Glow Head Style & Shine Foaming Mousse, Silkening Heat Protectant and Shine Serum as well as, moisturized with our Fierce Silkening Conditioner.

Natural Hair Trends we will be seeing tons of large faux ponytails, colored braids in a myriad of shades, bejeweled braids and bling being added to bring out the glitz and glam to the braided styles and more faux locs in all colors and in all sizes are on trend for this season.

Be sure to keep your hair moisturized while wearing these beautiful protective styles, by using Glow Head Inc. Anti-Itch Growth Oil, Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as, Glow Head Inc. Fierce Silkening Conditioner.

If you do not shampoo regularly with your protective styles, be sure to use Glow Head Inc. Leave in Moisturizing Conditioner Spray, as well as, our Anti-Itch growth Oil.

Straight Hair Trends The bob is the most trending style of 2022 and has come back in a major way! Whether it is layers, asymetrical or a straight blunt cut, it is the go to style of the season.

The Pixie is the next cut making is re-debut and it is as gorgeous as ever. if you really want to be on trend, try the "Bixie", this is the new hybrid Bob/Pixie cut combined. Be sure to use our Glow Head Inc. Anti-Itch Growth Oil and Silkening Heat Protectant and Shine Serum to keep your scalp healthy and conditioned, as well as, your hair protected from the heat and straightening required for this style.

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