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Travel ready hair for the Spring & Summer 2022 Vacation season!

As you begin booking your upcoming vacations and travels, be sure to make Glow Head Inc. a part of your plans. Be sure to place your shampoos and conditioners in your suitcases, verses your carry on bags, so you can avoid them being thrown away at the airline check in locations.

The water where you're traveling to may be hard, calcium laden and or have alot of chlorine or toxins you cannot visibly see. To protect your hair, your color, your styling and moisture, be sure to have our top 5 Glow Head Inc. products on hand:

  • Glow Head Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo

  • Glow Head Detoxifying Charcoal Conditioner

  • Glow Head Dulce De Leche Hair Moisturizer

  • Glow Head Hair & Body Butter

  • Glow Head Silkening Heat Protectant and Shine Serum

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