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Are relaxers making a comeback into the African haircare market?

If so, why their popular return requires you to care for your hair during your transition, if you are currently rocking your natural hair. How can you change over from your natural hair to completely relaxed with as little damage and as little hair loss as possible?

The best way to transition your hair back to a relaxer is to first be sure that your hair is currently in a healthy state. Drink alot of water, eat foods that promote healthy hair and use our Glow Head Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Floral Blend scent.

Follow up once a week or bi-weekly with a deep conditioner treatment using our Glow Head Trio: Dead Sea Mud Mask, Fierce Silkening Conditioner and Glow Head Anti-Itch and Growth Oil.

Wear protective styles like roller sets, twists and wrap your hair night for the first two to three weeks after relaxing, in order to give your hair time to adjust and to become strong. using chemicals weakens the hair shaft and you want to give it time to adjust to it's new state.

Finally be sure to trim your ends regularly to avoid split ends that will slow your hair growth. Finally when possible, spray our Glow Head Leave In Conditioner prior to blow drying and using heat tools, followed by our Glow Head Dulce De Leche Moisturizer, which can be used daily as needed to provide moisture.

Following a healthy hair routine weekly and or bi-weekly, will help you transition properly, promote the growth of your healthy hair, with minimal breakage.

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